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Welcome to KC Softball Club! We play Monday Nights in

front of lights of downtown KC.  We're a friendly

rec-league, owned by the teams, promoting sportsmanship, safety, and the

improvement of the Park.

For 2022, we're changing the way we operate. If you join our Facebook page, we'll provide you with a discount! If you then sign-up for the full year (Spring, Summer, Fall), we'll offer you an even bigger discount!

Aiming for Opening Day to be on April 6th and with Full Season ending in October. T-shirt deadline is March 9th.

2022 KC Softball Club Pricing -  Best Price in town - $100 per player for all three seasons! (if you join our Facebook page), or $50 per player per season (if you join our Facebook page), or $60 per player per season if you sign-up late and don't join the Facebook page *If you don't have social media, just let us know and we'll work something out, but the goal is to communicate on Facebook so we can all be on the same page.

Currently, all games will be played at Penn Valley Park. Each season session includes six games followed by a two-week tournament. If you play in all three seasons, you'll be competing for the coveted Crystal Cup.

EARLY REGISTRATION - E-mail us at kcsoftballclub@gmail.com


ROSTERS & LINEUPS - This co-ed league asks for five ladies and five guys to field a team, but you'll pass with at least nine. We recommend having a larger roster of at least twelve to account for absences. The line-up needs to alternate guy to girl batting order. All rosters must be finalized to secure your spot in the league. Please sign-up early to sign our waiver and receive your team's colored t-shirt.

EQUIPMENT & BALLS - Men will use a 12" ball and women 11". All bats and balls must be ASA certified. Teams use their own bats and balls. Field-prep, lights, bases and umpire provided by the League.

RULES, HOME RUNS, & COURTESY FOULS - We try to follow close to ASA Softball Rules. Home-runs are no more than two HR differential; after this, each ball hit over the fence in fair territory will be an out. Batters start with a 1-1 count. After two strikes there is one courtesy foul, but the second foul after two strikes results in an out. We discourage hard hits up the middle and these may be called outs. In the field, hold onto the ball if the play is out of reach. We want to avoid any risk of injury, so please hold on any wild or unnecessary throw.

RAIN-OUTS & FORFEITS - If you know in advance that your team is going to forfeit a game, please let us know immediately. We'll try to communicate rain-outs and any updates to the schedule via e-mail, phone (816.945.2489 or 816-945-CITY) and social media on Facebook and Instagram.

SPORTSMANSHIP - Our goal is work with others to make the game safe, friendly and improve the park. We're happy to call Penn Valley Park the league's home for over a decade. We'd like to continue establishing a culture where victory comes second to safe play and camaraderie. So, reach out to your buds and come join! We're always looking for umpires and helpers, so just let us know if interested in getting involved!

For more information on our Coed adult Kansas City leagues (mostly kickball) please e-mail us any questions or jokes at info@kcsportandsocial.com.


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